Psychology Session


Feelings of panic and fear, overthinking and rumination can start to take control.  Counselling can help with these feelings/thoughts.

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Life can be very uncertain and stressful, or at times feel stuck,  lacking in clarity, meaning or direction; or of absolute overwhelm.  Counselling can help regain balance, direction, purpose and perspective.

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Loss comes in many different forms:  loss through the death of, or separation from, a loved one.  Loss of a job, home, health, freedom, youth, independence, security, hope, self belief/worth and loss of self.  Counselling can help process feelings of longing, pining, grief, heartache and sometimes abandonment and betrayal.

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Depression:  low mood, little motivation; feelings of helplessness, sadness and hopelessness. Counselling can help explore these feelings in a safe, paced and contained way.

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Confusion over your sexuality, gender identity or concern about 'coming out' (the process of disclosing your sexuality/gender identity to others)  can be daunting.  Counselling offers a safe - affirmative space to support you in your journey.


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