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Mindfulness curriculum for teens

A dynamic, interactive, evidence based curriculum for Secondary Schools.  This is a light touch, introduction to mindfulness.

Age:  11-18 

(adapted curriculum available for children with special educational needs) 

Length:  11 weeks ~ weekly contact of 60-90 minutes with a trainer & 20 minutes homework per day.

Location:  for the classroom only. 

How is it helpful? this course isn't therapy but it has been shown to help with attention, focus &  stress reduction.  It also  promotes psycho-education. 


Can Personal Tutors take part?    Sure!  in fact, this is actively encouraged as it helps embed the learning for students.   

N.B  For safeguarding reasons it is not possible to deliver this course online to students in their homes, as it is impossible to ascertain what is going on for participants through an online platform.  


Putting the wellbeing of your staff at the heart of your business/school/college.

Bespoke courses for businesses, staff teams, teachers & support staff. Interested?  Not sure?  Please feel free to schedule a free 30 minutes appointment where you can discuss your needs.



Supportive Friend
Psychology Patient


Here For You

If you’re looking for a quality Individual Therapy session with a registered Counsellor that cares, then you’ve come to the right place.   Get in touch to schedule an initial appointment today. For further information on what counselling involves get in touch or click here for further information.



An 8 Week Mindfulness Course

This course blends techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness.  

Commitment:  8 weeks, 1 hour weekly contact with a trainer, daily 30 mins homework & an optional day of Mindfulness.


N.B  ~ This is an intense course, prior to embarking on the course a free 30 minutes consultation is offered, to check if now is the right time. 


E-mail for further information & an application form. 

This course is currently delivered on a 1-1 basis through the secure platform zoom only.  

Meditation Class


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